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  • “Every man dies. Not every man lives.”

    Anthony Robbins

  • “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

    Winston Churchill

Martyn Anstey

Global Entrepreneur. Investor. Company Builder. Author. Explorer. Giving Back.

About Martyn Anstey


I believe that the world is both our playground and our personal school to help us become who we truly are at our essence.

Over the years running at uber speed climbing corporate ladders, launching new companies as an entrepreneur, training for my next expedition or adventure, volunteering in soup kitchens to building schools and attempting to sit crossed legged at meditation ashrams in India, it’s often felt like I was always juggling so many balls in the air.

Then one day when I completed an exercise one day called the “Circle of Life” where you take a piece of paper, draw a circle and divide your life into separate segments such as work, relationships, health, family and friends, wealth, contribution and spirituality, things changed. I simply set an outcome for each area/life segment and then i committed to reviewing it every week.

Now I live a much more balanced life.

After 15 years of working, travelling and volunteering around the world it has becomes clearer and clearer to me that “We Are One”. The 70 year old man in a rice paddy in Vietnam, the twentysomething lady on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, the dancing Brazilian teenager in Rio, the housewife in Moscow. When it all comes down to it, we all wish “To love and to be loved”.

I feel blessed to have experienced so much in my first 38 years wearing so many hats and connecting with so many incredible souls from over 100 different countries and probably even more different backgrounds in politics, business, foundations, wellness, personal development, sports, media, entertainment, government agencies, social impact movements, etc.

From being a guest to live in their countries (London, Brussels, Antigua, Hong Kong, Singapore, Buenos Aires, New York City, LA, Medellin), to launching different brands and companies into countries (where i could not speak the language and before not even knowing the name of their capital city) to connecting on the street with a market vendor in a city i cannot pronounce in China and sharing a moment that needed no words (Good job as my language skills are ‘in progress’) to being part of a three person expedition team which cycled from North Pole to South Pole (my legs took me through Latin America) and simply cycling everyday pushing my physical and mental limits beyond what i thought was possible.

I feel grateful to have learnt so much from both traditional education but also from personal development trainers and mentors and ultimately, becoming the best me to serve others. I feel blessed to have learnt from masters including Tony Robbins platinum program, T Harv Eker Quantum Leap, Donny Epstein, Steve Linder, Osho, Robert Young, Peter Diamandis, Silva Method, Sedona Method, Stephen Covy, Stephen Pierce, etc and then from lesser well known but no less effective mentors, advisors, peers, friends and family. Thank you.

In my previous chapter I was responsible for launching iconic brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, Financial Times, Citroen, National Geographic, Wall Street Institute & Fox TV Channels as well as increasing company valuations and successfully exiting them.

In my entrepreneurial life, I have co-founded various technology and Internet companies in Asia, Europe and North America successfully raising funds,registering IP, corporate structuring, increasing shareholder value and successful exiting these.

I would love to hear from you and see how I can support you fulfil your passions.




Martyn Anstey is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author responsible for building iconic brands on a global basis such as Huggies, Kleenex, Financial Times, Citroen, National Geographic, Wall Street Institute & Fox TV.

Martyn has also co-founded and/or lead 3 companies from inception to successful exits responsible for fundraising, corporate structuring, marketing, business development, global expansion and exit planning.

As Managing Director of Wall Street Institute, Martyn successfully increased the valuation and sold it to Carlye private equity firm.

As Head of Marketing APAC for Fox International and National Geographic Channels, Martyn led the strategic marketing for TV and digital media for Asia Pacific.

Holding senior positions at Financial Times Group, Martyn brought the Financial Times to the Asia region, launched the FT’s first Business-to-business brand, launched Europe’s first paid for subscription media website, www.FT.com and founded the Channel Marketing discipline across the Group.

Personally trained by Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Chet Holmes, Steve Linder, Stephen Covey and Robert Kiyosaki, Martyn has also been Vice President at Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs Consulting Division.

Today, Martyn is Managing Director of WeR1 Partners, an investment and advisory firm that partners with companies to fuel business growth in EBITA and valuation through strategy, innovation, investment and global expansion.

Martyn was one of a three-person expedition team for www.Pole2Pole.net – the cycle ride from North Pole to the South Pole.
Martyn holds a First Class BSC Honors Degree in Business and Management Studies.

Current Ventures:


We.R.1 Partners are investment and advisory firm that partners with companies to fuel business growth and valuations through strategy, innovation and global expansion


We provide advisory services to corporations and governments on business strategy and operations to build EBITA and Enterprise value.


We provide full suite of advisory from how to raise funds for start ups to a successful exit.


We partner with companies to help them scale and accelerate their global expansion.


Focused on seed and early-stage investments. With our connections and expertise we help companies accelerate and scale at all critical phases of growth.


We facilitate successful strategic alliances and acquisitions to fuel business growth, valuation and footprint.

Founder and CEO – Singapore / New York / LATAM

Partners with successful existing companies to expand them and/or increase company valuation by taking them into new markets or sales channels including marketing agencies, technology companies, education, business consulting, online and digital media companies.
Partners with proven entrepreneurs to launch new ventures into attractive sectors/countries such as technology, individuals, media and education.
Examples include:
Previous Experience
Internet / Data:

US Data Monetization company processing in excess of 700,000 real time leads a day. Co-founded new company to enter into new countries, new market segments, new distribution channels and sales teams.

Holophasec Technologies Group:

Co founded intellectual property company from zero to $10m in 9 months that delivered leading edge technologies in water desalination, electrical power grids and solar (phasec) panels. Raised funds, set up secondary market, developed corporate strategy, structure and marketing and business development strategy. Liaised with Singaporean Government regarding funding, patents and inward investment.

WeR1 Capital:

Identified gap in Central Eastern Europe Property market and sold to Asian investors. Invited to speak at Asia’s largest investor events in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia
Identified gap in ATM market deregulation in Australia to sell ATM’s to private investors. Sold over $20m in 10 weeks representing over 80% of total company sales. Parent company listed on Stock Exchange.

Business Breakthroughs International – Anthony Robbins and Chet Holmes

With Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, Strategic business consulting, and agency services to business owners to double their sales in 12 months.
Business strategy audits, education based marketing, sales management, brand development, lead generation, online marketing, digital strategy, data monetization and sales training.


Head of Marketing Asia Pacific (Cable TV, Digital and Mobile) – Hong Kong

National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Adventure, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Music, National Geographic HD, VOD, FoxCrime, FX, BabyTV, Sky News

Reporting to MD, led strategic marketing for consumer, affiliate/cable operators and ad sales/revenue marketing across TV and digital media/mobile platforms.

Led launch of BabyTV, National Geographic HD and relaunch of FX

Negotiated with Singaporean Government to subsidize our product by 100% for all parents with children under 3 yrs.


General Manager – Hong Kong

Strategic Marketing and Business Development Director – Hong Kong and Japan
Successfully increased company valuation and sold to global Private Equity Fund.
Led strategic and day-to-day operations to become the market leader in the English Language Training,
Negotiated with Hong Kong Government for them to subsidize our product by 80% for 100% of the Hong Kong adult population.
Managed over 190 staff across 7 locations serving 10,000 students a month.
Developed overall business strategy to increase revenues, realign business focus and organisational structure to drive profitable market penetration and new segment expansion.
Led major customer marketing rebranding and internal cultural change programme.
Worked closely with Global WSI team on NPD, strategy, marketing and business development.


Founder and CEO, Business Consultancy Company – Central America

Advised clients on strategy, marketing, financial planning, process management and CRM.
Led business re-engineering project (business strategy, rebranding, CRM, process management) for one of most profitable national restaurant and entertainment companies.


Hong Kong / UK

Regional Marketing Manager and Head of Channel Marketing, FT Group – Asia Pacific
Launched FT newspaper, FT.com and FTChinese.com into the Asia-Pacific region.
Implemented award-winning consumer and channel marketing strategy – TV, outdoor (2nd largest ad in World wrapping IFC2), BTL, online, trade and PR.
Achieved significant growth of 41% in circulation and online subscriptions.

Head of Channel Marketing, FT Group – Europe, Middle East and Africa
Developed B2B marketing strategy to support £212m revenues and 160 staff from ad sales, business development, content sales and circulation functions.
Responsible for B2C marketing strategy for education and retail segments (60,000 retail points).
Developed Category Management/KAM programme including new B2B database and CRM.

Head of Channel Marketing, FT Group – UK
Set up and developed entirely new function and department supporting £148m revenue.
Recruited and motivated team of 6 and managed 4 external agencies to deliver results.
Relaunched FT newspaper to trade and B2C retail audience changing market perception.
Launched new B2B brand (FT Corporate Solutions) involving global product development and defining commercial.

Global Senior Product Marketing Manager, FT.com – Global
Launched FT.com subscription services involving NPD, business modeling, marketing, commercial development. Launch revenue targets exceeded by 16%.
Successfully launched first B2B global marketing strategy and campaign.
Led key global company-wide project: customer profiling and tracking database development.

European Brand and Communications Manager, FTMarketWatch
Launched new pan-European internet brand against immense time pressures.
Led £1.3m direct marketing campaign winning ‘Best Practice’ case study award by Royal Mail.


UK / Belgium

Acting Brand Manager, Childcare Division
Managed the Huggies 5 brand portfolio.

Territory Sales Manager – South East England
Responsible for overall 16% sales increase of Huggies, Kleenex, Andrex, Scottex and Kotex.

Assistant Brand Manager / Fast-Track Graduate, Infant Care – UK
Implemented Huggies £7m relaunch programme, working on all brand management disciplines from market research and NPD to in-store promotional executions.


Marketing Analyst


University of Bradford 1994 – 1998

BSc Hons, Business and Management Studies First Class Honors

IBM Award / Dean’s Award – Student of the Year
UK National Awards Runner Up – Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM)
Runner up from 420 teams to develop Business Plan for IDM and BMW (2nd/ 420 teams)

Carleton University 1995 – 1996

BSc Hons, Business and Management Studies First Class Honors

Graduate CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) – Diploma
Diploma of Professional Training – Distinction
IDM Certificate of Direct Marketing – Credit

Kimberly Clark 1998 – 2002

Kimberly Clark Graduate Program

Financial Times 1999 – 2004

Financial Times Executive Management Program

Peak Potentials Program 2010 – 2011

Harv Eker Peak Performance 1 yr Executive Program

Tony Robbins 2010 – 2011

Tony Robbins 1 yr Platinum Partnership Program
Tony Robbins Mastery University



Martyn Anstey is passionate about exploration, adventure and expeditions. This passion has taken Martyn to over 90 countries across 6 continents pushing his mental and physical limits to see what is possible.

Highlights have included the Pole2Pole cycling expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole, off road motorbiking through Death Valley in Cambodia, quad biking in remote Colombia, motorbiking across Rajasthan, India and hiking to the largest Mayan civilisation in Guatemala.

See more of Martyn’s various expeditions and adventures at www.MartynAnstey.net


The words from Winston Churchill sums it all up. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Until recently, I contributed my time, money, advisory and network scheduling the name time every week on a predominantly anonymous basis.

After experiencing a recent health challenge, I’ve decided it’s time to up my game on think bigger and this will only be achievable working with others and become more public.

My belief is that people do wish to give and contribute but they are also busy or simply not aware of how they can make an impact beyond a financial donation. It needs to be simple and convenient. For example, at a simple level, think how many business owners you know who would be happy to provide their meetings rooms for free to local organisations if it was convenient, easy and quick. Think how many would happily provide their product or service at cost if they knew it was going to underprivileged children.

The We.R.1. Project is born and I’m excited to see how it will unfold.


We.R.1. Project

Connects business, government and non-profits to maximize positive social impact. Focuses on children’s education in emerging markets.
See more at WeR1Partners.com

Pole2Pole Expedition

Member of a 3-person team in world record attempt to cycle from North Pole to South Pole supporting various charities and movements.
See more at www.Pole2Pole.net

Kids4Tomorrow.org - Africa and Asia

Advisory to strengthen the non-profit organisation which supports children in Kenya and Cambodia.
See more at Kids4Tomorrow.org


Martyn I just had to write to thank you for your incredibly deep and insightful feedback on our media/tech start-up. That was truly an art form and a clear gift you have to be able to see so clearly the essential pieces and how they need to play together in our business. We so look forward to working with you and I would recommend any friend in business that should they require someone of your expertise in financing and mergers that they found the right man for the job.
Jeremy Nichele
Managment Consultant for Zooplr
Martyn Anstey is a world-class global strategic marketing expert. I had the pleasure to work with Martyn during his time at Wall Street Institute. Martyn has a unique ability to be able to look at a very complex situation involving various stakeholders/cultures/ countries and very quickly identify the key issues, clarify each person’s outcomes, come up with a plan and gain their buy-in to achieve success. If your company is facing a big challenge and need a person who can deliver results on a global basis then look no further.
Emily Chan
Wine Enthusiast and Entrepreneur
I had the pleasure to work with Martyn Anstey on numerous high profile projects across different business units across the Financial Times Group and have known him for over 10 years. From our first project together launching FT.com paid-for subscription service (first in our market), Martyn displayed the rare skill of bringing together multiple departments of editorial, sales and marketing for a successful launch which led to his next success, building a new internal department from scratch, Channel Marketing and then launching FT’s first ever, B2B brand to support all revenues coming into the FT Group. Martyn not only brought together various departments but also then branched out to replicate the success across various countries and regions in the world. Martyn possesses the ability to bring teams and cultures together at the highest strategic level to focus on the priorities and lead and inspire to deliver consistent results to the bottom line. Martyn conducted business with the highest integrity, honesty and transparency at a very high level.
Lucy Gould
Advertising Partnerships
I worked with Martyn for almost 3 years on multiple high profile projects at the Financial Times Group. Martyn always brought a fierce determination and will to get the job done to a high standard, often driving the group when others where willing to settle. Since then Martyn has gone on to do some many interesting and innovative things, I find it hard to keep up. If you want someone to bring energy, knowledge and a fantastic will to succeed, then Martyn most certainly ticks all those boxes.
Chris Catchpole
Director of Data & Insight at truRating
Martyn is a strong leader who has high standards yet gives his team the space to learn, grow and deliver. He is strong communicator and influencer not only with his own team but, across the company and externally. He is a strategic quick thinker especially during high-pressure situations such as product launches and when things don't go to plan. Martyn built our team from scratch and set not only a work standard for us but also the way we conduct business with trust and integrity.
Dina Gowar
Global Digital Media Innovation & Marketing Technology at Dell
Martyn Anstey excelled across various company-wide projects at the Financial Times Group. I enjoyed working with Martyn who is a highly intelligent quick thinking problem solver who enjoys new challenges and not only coming up with great ideas but also spearheading company-wide execution with his high levels of passion, enthusiasm, determination, integrity and follow through.
Stephen Pinches
Head of Learning Technologies - ELT at Pearson plc
Martyn Anstey is not only a high level strategic thinker always focused on achieving the bigger goal but also has the real world interpersonal skills to lead cross-department and cross-cultural teams to execute the plans in real life. Martyn’s team acted as a ‘hub’ to bring together and unite the marketing and commercial departments for the first time. He excelled during high-pressure launch timings across multiple time zones delivering many award winning ‘first’s’ to the company and his eye was always on achieving both the outcome and growing his team. Although very driven and determined to exceed the set outcomes, Martyn created an environment for others to grow and excel with open communication, transparency and humility. I look forward to working with Martyn again in the future.
Mark Suckling
Principal at Digital Media Partners (DMP)
I really enjoyed working with Martyn Anstey at the Financial Times Group where I have been a journalist for the last 15 years. Martyn not only created an entirely new department but a shift in the company culture, where editorial, marketing and commercial worked even closer together. Martyn has both strong determination to achieve the overall outcomes but he also has high levels of empathy and listening skills which has served him well when dealing with other departments and cultures.
Lucy Warwick-Ching
Money Online Editor
Martyn is a very passionate, determined and talented strategic marketer. He combines the art of world-class marketing and advertising with the science of building sustainable and profitable brands. He is creative yet metric-driven.I enjoyed working with Martyn for both his talent and his values of trust and integrity.
Sophie Woodford
European Marketing Director- KLEENEX facial tissues
I've known this genius gem of a guy for 20 years! I can say Martyn Anstey is the real deal. Focused, genuine, with an infectious motivation to excel in all fields. You will already know of his business success but what makes Martyn special to myself is his genuine care to make a real positive difference in peoples lives without the need for recognition. Over the decades, I have seen Martyn help people close to him who are experiencing real pain in their lives and to turn the situation around so they are stronger than before. He has trully been an inspiration to myself in all these years. I have also seen Martyn invest a significant portion of his life to help the underprivileged at home and overseas – I don't believe there are too many countries he has not yet visited and impacted.
Binder Tohani
Commercialisation and Sales at CBRE

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